Young AAPI Poll


In 2020, the Power Fund commissioned Asian American Decisions to conduct a poll of young AAPI citizens between the ages of 18 to 34 in the months leading up to the November election. This effort was designed to inform and promote the digital engagement activities of RUN AAPI. In total, 800 respondents were asked questions about their voter registration status, likelihood of voting, level of support for each presidential candidate, issue priorities, and their reaction to issues through various message texting examples. Some key findings include:

  • An indication of the large extent of AAPI young potential voters being untapped, e.g., a third did not plan to register and only 40% had been contacted by someone about the 2020 general election;
  • Young AAPIs are deeply impacted by COVID-related racism and a majority seem strongly aligned with a progressive agenda and movement politics, e.g., around following public health recommendations and climate science and stances regarding police brutality, gun violence, and universal health care; and
  • Mobilizing around an AAPI identity may be less important than addressing issues and policies to engage this constituency.

Subsequent analyses could be done that disaggregate responses by nativity, ethnic/national origin, gender, age, educational attainment, or employment status.

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